Journey in Details- 7 Nights Amankora Journey

7 Nights Amankora Journey

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7 Nights Amankora Journey – Amankora Bhutan is a luxury resort located in the heart of the Paro Valley in Bhutan. It offers a unique and immersive experience of Bhutanese culture, with stunning views of the surrounding mountains and valleys. The resort features five lodges, each with its own unique design and atmosphere, and offers a range of activities, including hiking, cultural tours, and spa treatments.

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7 Nights Amankora journey takes You on a tour of four different lodges, each located in a different region of the country, allowing you to experience the diversity of Bhutan’s natural and cultural heritage.

The lodges are designed to blend seamlessly with their surroundings, using traditional Bhutanese architecture and materials, while offering modern amenities and exceptional service. Each lodge has its own unique character, reflecting the local culture and traditions of the region.

Itinerary: 7 Nights Amankora Journey(Thimphu, Punakha, Phobjikha and Paro)

Upon arrival in Paro, you will be greeted by the Gayuel  Destinations team. Take an hour’s drive to Thimphu, the capital. We Stop Over to cross the beautiful Paro River  to visit 14th Century Tamcho Bridge(iron chain bridge) In the Afternoon, we will explore the Colorful Centenary Farmers Market to get to know more of Bhutan’s culture
through its Hustling and bustling market.  Over Night Stay In  Amankora Thimphu

Journey today to eastwards takes us to Punakha Velley. After driving for about 45 minutes, we will ascend up to the high mountain pass of Dochula Pass(315m) and On a clear day, the entire eastern Himalayan range Can be visible. This is where we will find 108 Druk Wangyal Chortens. We continue driving for 1.5 hours and descend towards the village of Lobesa. Before Heading Into Punakha, we stop at the village of Lobesa and take  walk across paddy fields to Chimi Lhakhang, also known as the Temple of the Divine Madman. If you are wishing for a child, it is believed by the Bhutanese that a visit to the temple might help increase your chances! Thousands of people visit this temple on pilgrimage and numerous couples visit the temple to pray to become pregnant and receive a wang (blessing) from the saint with the ‘magic thunderbolt of wisdom’. Overnight Stay at Amankora Punakha.

Morning, Hike up to  Khamsum Yulley Namgyal Chorten.  overlooking the paddy fields,
river and the valley. This chorten built by Queen Mother Ashi Tshering Yangdon Wangchuck for peace and stability in an  world. . After Lunch we visit Punakha dzong (fortress), built in the 17th century, is one of the most beautiful fortresses in the country and It has served as Most Important Fortress In the History Of Bhutan. Overnight Stay Amankora Punakha

Morning, Take  short walk to cross the The Longest Suspension Bridge, draped with prayer flags to
catch the wind. It is said that the mantras on prayer flags are carried further for the wellbeing of sentient beings when hit by  the strong Winds.

The journey continues with a 2.5 hours’ drive to the valley of Phobjikha, a glacial valley so undeniably serene as it settles in between the slopes of the Black Mountains As the Valley is important location for wildlife conservation, the rare and endangered black-necked cranes migrate from Tibet to Phobjikha for their 3-4 Months  winter Home. Overnight Stay Amankora Gangtey

 Drivee to visit Gangtey Goemba, a 16th-century monastery situated picturesquely at the hilltop at the edge of Gangtey village(seat of the Pedling tradition of Buddhism in Western Bhutan) After Walk thru the Small Typical Twon og Gangtey, Continue Gangtey Natural Trail Walk, through beautiful forests and into the Phobjikha Valley. Overnight Stay Amankora Gangtey 

The journey will take us back to Paro, in total with a couple of stops to punctuate the long journey. After about 2 hours, we meander back up to Dochula Pass for another chance to see the  Himalayan Mountain Range. Once you are ready, we drive for about 1.5 hours into Paro Valley. Overnight say Amankora Paro

HIKE TO TIGER’S NEST. Today We start early this morning . We drive to the starting point and begin our hike before 07:00 to Tiger’s Nest (Taktsang Goemba), one of Bhutan’s most revered monuments. The legend states that Guru Rinpoche flew into Bhutan on a mythical tigress and meditated in a cave before bringing Buddhism to Bhutan. The monastery hangs at 900 metres on the side of a cliff and the hike takes about 4–5 hours round trip. In the evening, we will Try our Hand in Archary (Bhutan’s National Game) Archary in Bhutan offers a unique experience providing Cultural immersion of the Country.

Depart your lodge for the airport for your flight. The drive will take approximately 30 minutes. 


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